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Dental Tourism Process

Importance of Dental Tourism

Dental tourism means that people have their teeth treated in a different country. In this context, many people from abroad come to our country for dental tourism, relying on Turkish dentists’ expertise and the technology they use.

The idea of treating teeth in different countries has been around for centuries. People, especially from less developed countries, had to consult with experts “very far away” for various reasons, such as the inability to find a qualified dentist closer in their state or even the absence of mediocre dentists. A one-way trip could take weeks or even months.

Currently, the process is much faster and is preferred not only because there are mediocre dentists but also because there is much higher quality service in Turkey.

Importance of Dental Tourism

Europeans invented dental tourism in the traditional sense in the ’50-’60s of the last century. They quickly realized that almost all over the world, dentistry is improving quite well, and in some countries, services of the same quality can be obtained at a record low price. There are significant savings, even when travel and accommodation costs are taken into account.

In Turkey, both quality and affordable dentistry services are offered for people coming from European countries.

In this context, both far more qualified people in undeveloped countries, people in developed countries get a healthy and professional dental service to prefer to go to Turkey to get quality services at a more affordable price.

Advantages of Dental Tourism In Turkey

By taking advantage of Turkey’s dental tourism, you can have healthy teeth and explore the natural and historical beauties of Turkey closely. In addition to operating with the most successful devices in health sectors such as dentistry, our country is also highly developed in areas where tourists can spend time. For this reason, you can choose Turkey and our clinic operating in Turkey to visit, visit, and have healthy teeth. While serving this area, we use globally known technologies such as CAD, CAM, BEYOND, and PICASSO. You can contact us for detailed information about the subject.