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Dentistry is a branch of medicine that studies the structure and interaction of the dentoalveolar system’s organs, the causes of the development of dental, soft tissue, and jaw diseases.

The main task of Dentistry is the treatment and Prevention of oral cavity organs and jaw-face area pathologies. In this direction, using the latest technological products and devices in dentistry is of great importance. Our clinic uses technologies found worldwide in this area and always provides quality dental services to Turkish citizens and tourists who come from abroad for treatment. You can use the technological devices used by our clinic to have the healthiest and most natural smiles.

Before giving information about these devices, we can list the areas of Dentistry as follows.

Modern technologies and the latest drugs, which are actively used in dentistry and endodontics, aim to reduce the duration
of treatment for severe dental and gum diseases and reduce pain in the patient. At this point, it is possible to express the
technologies used in our dental clinic as follows.
It is known as the software used in the design and manufacture of CAD/CAM dental products. CAD means Computer-
Aided Design, and CAM means Computer-Aided Manufacturing. At this point, specially prepared teeth, dentures are
prepared and manufactured with CAD and CAM technologies. In this way, dental products that are most suitable for the structure of people’s mouth and teeth are created. 
Beyond technology is a technology used in the process of teeth whitening. According to the materials used with Beyond
Technology, oxygen is released, and tooth-colored bleaching occurs with the separation of oxygen.
With this technology, known as Picasso Diode Laser, many dental tissues procedures can be performed painlessly and
without bleeding. This method, which is used extensively in treating gum diseases, provides great convenience to the
doctor and patient.
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